“The legal community on the Gulf Coast – the lawyers, the Judges and all others have the highest respect for you and your ability.”  Federal District Judge David Bramlette

“A classy person and excellent lawyer.”  Circuit Court Judge Bob Krebs

“You are a pitbull.”  Senior Circuit Court Judge Jerry O. Terry


Email from federal career offender facing mandatory life who was ultimately sentenced to 70 months with a concurrent sentence for a revocation of post release supervision:
“I just wanted to thank you for everything. You did a great job in my defense. I know it would have turned out a lot different with any other attorney. So thanks again…”

“I just wanted to send you a little note thanking you for all you did for me.  I owe you my life.  You, Mr. Rafferty and Chris literally saved my life and for that I will be eternally greatful”

“You helped me feel confident and comfortable enough to do what I felt was right and your words meant a lot to us.”

“I would just like to say thank you for who you are and what you do.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and to let you know how much we all appreciate you. [my wife] and I were able to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary together and it’s all thanks to you.  So from all of us I give you a heartfound thank you.”

“I’m writing you this letter thanking you for being the person that you are and for all of your concern and gratitude… Thank you for everything you’ve did and made possible for me, may God be with you and bless you.”

“I just wanted you to know I appreciate all that you have done for me.  I do realize you have gone out of your way a lot for me. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

“I thank God for putting you in my life.  And also for you being my strength to help me free my soul.”

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated your help on my case.  I really appreciate all the help and concern you have given me over the past years… I know I’ll be out very soon now and I’ll be able to get back to work, get married and raise a family.”

“You have been a blessing and a big encouragement to me…. The bible teaches God’s two greatest commandments: (1) Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind; (2) Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.  If we lived by this, the world would be a better place..  I want to thank you for all that you have done and are doing… You are a living example that God answers prayers.”

“You are an excellent attorney and I am very proud that you represent me.  My family is very grateful to you for the professional way that you handled my case and the outstanding results you accomplished on our behalf.”

“We sure appreciate all you did to help Patrick.  He’s getting the medical help he needs.  We thank you again for your help and concern.”

“Thank you so much for your interest in Jason’s case.  We realize that you have gone beyond the call of duty, and we really appreciate it.”

“Just wanted to let you know that your counsel and kindness are not only noticed but greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much and may the Lord bless.”

“You’re the most wonderful and bestest attorney in the world… Not only you’re a #1 fighter but you always get the least time for your clients.  You make the best deal and always do what’s best for us.  You’re trustful and dependable, caring and kind-hearted.”

“I pray these few lines will find you well and in the bery best of health.  I am thanking you for the service that you render me in my case.  I thank you.  It will always be in my heart to thank you and keep you in my prayer.

You have shown compassion and humble yourself when I had given up, you have saved my life, and now I must move on the second journey and become positive and productive, and grow stronger in the Lord.

Bless the day that you was born to save a sinner like me.  Thank you always and forever you will be in my heart.”