Any person or organization seeking to use reformative/ restorative methods in harm resolution or in education

if we are to become a more just society we must replace the method by which we resolve harm (the criminal justice system) and the method by which we educate our children.  The criminal justice system does not provide justice for anyone, rather it devastates the accused, leaves the victim unsafe, and suppresses the contribution to society of all persons it touches. Conversely, reformative/restorative justice resolves the harm and creates peace for the offender, the victim as well as the community.  The current education system suppresses learning and incarcerates our children at desks engaged in rote activities. Conversely, self-directed education inspires learning and community commitment.  If we are to replace the existing system, we must create the replacement – Case by case, learner by learner. 

 Descendants of the First Residents of Turtle Island

guiding and representing descendants in the return of sovereign powers under the Indian Self Determination Act. Indigenous peoples are guardians of Mother Earth.  The practices that they use to educate their children and resolve harm honor the Earth and all creatures. It’s time to return to those practices

Federal Charges 

representing people charged or convicted in any federal court in the United States at any stage of the proceedings – trial and post conviction including covid crisis requests for compassionate release from prison and requests to adjust sentences for earned credits pursuant to the First Step Act .

Military charges

representing people charged or convicted in U.S. military courts at any stage of the proceedings and presenting petitions to correct records of conviction.

“And it harm none, do what ye will,” Doreen  Valiente, Wiccan Rede. 

When we walk in the steps of our clients whether human or non-human, we can find the path to resolve the harm done to them.



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